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What is a Covered Scooter

Definition of a Covered Scooter

A covered scooter is precisely what the name entails; a scooter that is covered. These scooters can also be referred to as “enclosed” or having a “canopy” as well.

There are two main types of covered scooters; scooters that are completely covered, or scooters that are only partially covered, such as those with a roof. Typically though, most covered scooters are only partially covered, like The Auto Moto, as the rider must usually put their feet down when stopped. There are some fully covered scooters however, such as the Carver One, but some wouldn’t even consider it a scooter. The term covered “scooter” is a relatively broad one, as often times these vehicles can actually be considered mopeds, motorcycles, or even cars.

Why Covered Scooters Make Sense

Covered scooters vary widely in price, engine power, and design. Some covered scooters are very expensive, while others are much more affordable. Some of them seem to have been made for the race track, while others are ideal for daily commuting. Some are two wheelers, while others are three wheelers. It can be tough to visualize all of the different varieties of covered scooters, but the benefits of scooter that is covered are obvious. A canopy will increase visibility on the road and make other drivers more aware of the rider’s presence. The roof and windshield will shelter a rider from the rain, sun, or snow. It even makes sense for business owners, as the uniqueness of having enclosed scooters in a business fleet will aide brand recognition. Covered scooters are truly one of a kind, and as such, this website was made to inform, or even inspire people about them. Welcome to the wonderful world of COVERED SCOOTERS!