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Trivio 3 wheeled covered scooter

This prototype covered scooter was developed by Aprilia and features a canopy that shelters the rider from the weather. The canopy is detachable to allow the rider to choose weather or not they want the three wheel scooter to be enclosed or not.


Speed Studio Trike E Covered Electric trike

a three wheel configuration for increased traction and stability. The entire cab tilts independently of the engine and rear wheels to allow the rider to carve through turns, while safely maintaining contact with the ground with all three wheels at all times.


Lit Motors C-1

Lit Motors introduces a 2 wheel fully covered scooter. How do they get away with it? Self balancing turbine technology.

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Peugeot HYmotion3 3 wheeled covered Scooter

The HYmotion3 is a concept three wheel scooter with a roof that was designed by Peugeot and runs on a hybrid engine. It can be operated in three modes, electric only road for low speeds, gas only for the open road, and hybrid mode for cruising.

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Hawk Covered Three wheeler

Still a concept, this covered three wheel beast would be powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc engine and could theoretically reach speeds upwards of 140 MPH. The Hawk is a mix between a modern muscle car and a motorcycle with its covered cab and three wheel design.