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Production Models


Campagna T-Rex Covered Motorcycle

Although the T-Rex looks like a race car, it is actually registered as a motorcycle. These speedy covered motorcycles come out of Quebec, Canada and start at $50,000. They may be costly, but they sure are fast, going from 0-60 in 3.5 Seconds.


Auto Moto 3 Wheeled Covered Scooter

a three wheel configuration for increased traction and stability. The entire cab tilts independently of the engine and rear wheels to allow the rider to carve through turns, while safely maintaining contact with the ground with all three wheels at all times.


Lit Motors C-1

Lit Motors introduces a 2 wheel fully covered scooter. How do they get away with it? Self balancing turbine technology.


Triac 3 Wheel

The Triac is a fully electric three wheel enclosed vehicle that is to be produced by Green Vehicles Inc. for a base MSRP of $24,995.00. The Triac can travel roughly 120 miles on a charge, and can reach speeds of up to 70 MPH.


BMW c1

A covered scooter that is no longer in production. They came in two engine variations, a 124 CC and 176 CC. The BMW C1 was in production for only three years, from 2000 to 2003, making them somewhat of a rare scooter.