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peugeot HYMotion3

The Peugeot HYmotion3 concept is a 3 wheeled (one in the rear 2 in the front) motor scooter with a cover for greater weather protection. As a teenager growing up in Paris France my fondest memories are that of riding around L’Arch De Triumph in my Peugeot 50 CC moped, and let me tell you, when its raining you just take the Metro.


With this new concept trike, riding in the rain is no longer a problem. You are also upgrading your protection slightly with the more stability on 3 wheels and the extra protection you get from partial coverage.


According to Gizmag, the concept uses the 15kW (20 BHP) supercharged petrol engine and ads a 3kW electric motor to both of the front wheels, essential making this a 3 wheel drive machine.


You can drive in full petrol (Gas) or Hybrid mode to save on fuel. This system gets you 21 g/100 km.