Lit Motors C-1

The fully enclosed self balancing Covered Motorcycle from Lit Motors. This Fully electric motorcycle uses patented gyroscope technology to keep balance. It costs about 1 dollar to fully charge.


From a storage perspective you can have a second passenger or four grocery bags. Or a cary-on suitcase or your dog.

Target market are current motorcyclist


Airbags, steal reinforced enclosure; all the benefits of a car on a two wheel platform.


Steering wheel instead of handle bars, accelerator (gas) pedal and brake pedal, the drive is much more like a car than a traditional motorcycle.



Patented Gyroscopes to keep balance; you need a baby elephant to tip it over. Im not too sure what this means; how about an SUV? if I get side swiped am I going over?



We stayed away from the macho aesthetic of a motorcycle and we are actually trying to make this appeal to both male and female markets.


Starts in 2014, the price point should be around $19,000

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