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This is the first production class covered scooter ever produced. It is said that the concept was ahead of its time, which is why the scooter never sold as much as BMW had hoped. I first came accost the C-1 in Paris France on a trip a few years back. I was so taken aback I took a photo of it. But I knew that there was something special about the bike, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


The C-1 may have been ahead of its time which is why it never made any money for BMW and the vehicle has been discontinued form production.


We are entering an era of reinventing the personal transportation system. With so many people commuting to work by themselves in SUVs, large cars and trucks, it’s no wonder that the personal car is here to stay. The Smart Car has made a statement that we do not have to continue to use large vehicles for every day travel.


However we want the safety of our large cars to continue as we begin this transition to the smaller, more maneuverable and more efficient future.


Enter the electric, covered scooter. This is BMWs newest reinvention of the C-1 with the C-1E. With an electric motor and lithium ion batteries, however this is still in the concept phase.