Melissa McCarthy Rides Covered Scooter in Spy Movie

Everyone’s favorite female comedian lead Melissa McCarthy stars a new movie called Spy. In one clip from the trailer she gives chase to an adversary riding a bright green BMW covered scooter.

When an international criminal has plans to detonate a nuclear bomb, Melissa McCarthy is called up to become a field agent from her desk job at the CIA. As you can imagine this Action/Comedy is riddled with hilarity intermixed with edge of ;yor seat action scenes, as she is so well know for.

We at coveredscooter.com are thrilled that covered scooters are getting some limelight in popular culture! See the full trailer below.

Official Spy Movie Trailer



This is the first production class covered scooter ever produced. It is said that the concept was ahead of its time, which is why the scooter never sold as much as BMW had hoped. I first came accost the C-1 in Paris France on a trip a few years back. I was so taken aback I took a photo of it. But I knew that there was something special about the bike, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


The C-1 may have been ahead of its time which is why it never made any money for BMW and the vehicle has been discontinued form production.


We are entering an era of reinventing the personal transportation system. With so many people commuting to work by themselves in SUVs, large cars and trucks, it’s no wonder that the personal car is here to stay. The Smart Car has made a statement that we do not have to continue to use large vehicles for every day travel.


However we want the safety of our large cars to continue as we begin this transition to the smaller, more maneuverable and more efficient future.


Enter the electric, covered scooter. This is BMWs newest reinvention of the C-1 with the C-1E. With an electric motor and lithium ion batteries, however this is still in the concept phase.


Lit Motors C-1

The fully enclosed self balancing Covered Motorcycle from Lit Motors. This Fully electric motorcycle uses patented gyroscope technology to keep balance. It costs about 1 dollar to fully charge.


From a storage perspective you can have a second passenger or four grocery bags. Or a cary-on suitcase or your dog.

Target market are current motorcyclist


Airbags, steal reinforced enclosure; all the benefits of a car on a two wheel platform.


Steering wheel instead of handle bars, accelerator (gas) pedal and brake pedal, the drive is much more like a car than a traditional motorcycle.



Patented Gyroscopes to keep balance; you need a baby elephant to tip it over. Im not too sure what this means; how about an SUV? if I get side swiped am I going over?



We stayed away from the macho aesthetic of a motorcycle and we are actually trying to make this appeal to both male and female markets.


Starts in 2014, the price point should be around $19,000


peugeot HYMotion3

The Peugeot HYmotion3 concept is a 3 wheeled (one in the rear 2 in the front) motor scooter with a cover for greater weather protection. As a teenager growing up in Paris France my fondest memories are that of riding around L’Arch De Triumph in my Peugeot 50 CC moped, and let me tell you, when its raining you just take the Metro.


With this new concept trike, riding in the rain is no longer a problem. You are also upgrading your protection slightly with the more stability on 3 wheels and the extra protection you get from partial coverage.


According to Gizmag, the concept uses the 15kW (20 BHP) supercharged petrol engine and ads a 3kW electric motor to both of the front wheels, essential making this a 3 wheel drive machine.


You can drive in full petrol (Gas) or Hybrid mode to save on fuel. This system gets you 21 g/100 km.



Trivio 3 wheeled covered scooter

This prototype covered scooter was developed by Aprilia and features a canopy that shelters the rider from the weather. The canopy is detachable to allow the rider to choose weather or not they want the three wheel scooter to be enclosed or not.

Speed Studio Trike E Covered Electric trike

a three wheel configuration for increased traction and stability. The entire cab tilts independently of the engine and rear wheels to allow the rider to carve through turns, while safely maintaining contact with the ground with all three wheels at all times.

Lit Motors C-1

Lit Motors introduces a 2 wheel fully covered scooter. How do they get away with it? Self balancing turbine technology.

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Peugeot HYmotion3 3 wheeled covered Scooter

The HYmotion3 is a concept three wheel scooter with a roof that was designed by Peugeot and runs on a hybrid engine. It can be operated in three modes, electric only road for low speeds, gas only for the open road, and hybrid mode for cruising.

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Hawk Covered Three wheeler

Still a concept, this covered three wheel beast would be powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc engine and could theoretically reach speeds upwards of 140 MPH. The Hawk is a mix between a modern muscle car and a motorcycle with its covered cab and three wheel design.


Production Models

Campagna T-Rex Covered Motorcycle

Although the T-Rex looks like a race car, it is actually registered as a motorcycle. These speedy covered motorcycles come out of Quebec, Canada and start at $50,000. They may be costly, but they sure are fast, going from 0-60 in 3.5 Seconds.

Auto Moto 3 Wheeled Covered Scooter

a three wheel configuration for increased traction and stability. The entire cab tilts independently of the engine and rear wheels to allow the rider to carve through turns, while safely maintaining contact with the ground with all three wheels at all times.

Lit Motors C-1

Lit Motors introduces a 2 wheel fully covered scooter. How do they get away with it? Self balancing turbine technology.

Triac 3 Wheel

The Triac is a fully electric three wheel enclosed vehicle that is to be produced by Green Vehicles Inc. for a base MSRP of $24,995.00. The Triac can travel roughly 120 miles on a charge, and can reach speeds of up to 70 MPH.

BMW c1

A covered scooter that is no longer in production. They came in two engine variations, a 124 CC and 176 CC. The BMW C1 was in production for only three years, from 2000 to 2003, making them somewhat of a rare scooter.


What is a Covered Scooter

Definition of a Covered Scooter

A covered scooter is precisely what the name entails; a scooter that is covered. These scooters can also be referred to as “enclosed” or having a “canopy” as well.

There are two main types of covered scooters; scooters that are completely covered, or scooters that are only partially covered, such as those with a roof. Typically though, most covered scooters are only partially covered, like The Auto Moto, as the rider must usually put their feet down when stopped. There are some fully covered scooters however, such as the Carver One, but some wouldn’t even consider it a scooter. The term covered “scooter” is a relatively broad one, as often times these vehicles can actually be considered mopeds, motorcycles, or even cars.

Why Covered Scooters Make Sense

Covered scooters vary widely in price, engine power, and design. Some covered scooters are very expensive, while others are much more affordable. Some of them seem to have been made for the race track, while others are ideal for daily commuting. Some are two wheelers, while others are three wheelers. It can be tough to visualize all of the different varieties of covered scooters, but the benefits of scooter that is covered are obvious. A canopy will increase visibility on the road and make other drivers more aware of the rider’s presence. The roof and windshield will shelter a rider from the rain, sun, or snow. It even makes sense for business owners, as the uniqueness of having enclosed scooters in a business fleet will aide brand recognition. Covered scooters are truly one of a kind, and as such, this website was made to inform, or even inspire people about them. Welcome to the wonderful world of COVERED SCOOTERS!