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Covered Scooter, Moped, Motorcycle & Three Wheelers

The Source For Information About Covered Scooters, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Trikes, Etc. What they are and where to find them. The concept behind the covered scooter, moped or three wheeler is that you get the feel, mobility, and size related benefits of a 2 wheeled vehicle coupled with the safety, weather resistance and overall comfort of a car. With fuel prices, efficiency and going green on the commuters mind, the future of transportation, especially in larger highly populated cities is in an era of change.

What is a Covered Scooter

Definition of a Covered Scooter A covered scooter is precisely what the name entails; a scooter that is covered. These scooters can also be referred to as “enclosed” or having a “canopy” as well. There are two main types of covered scooters; scooters that are completely covered, or scooters that are only partially covered, such as.…[More]


This is the first production class covered scooter ever produced. It is said that the concept was ahead of its time, which is why the scooter never sold as much as BMW had hoped. I first came..... [More]

Lit Motors C-1

The fully enclosed self balancing Covered Motorcycle from Lit Motors. This Fully electric motorcycle uses patented gyroscope technology to keep balance. It costs about 1 dollar to fully.... [More]

Peugeot HYMotion3

The Peugeot HYmotion3 concept is a 3 wheeled (one in the rear 2 in the front) motor scooter with a cover for greater weather protection. As a teenager growing up in Paris France my fondest... [More]


Trivio 3 wheeled covered scooter This prototype covered scooter was developed by Aprilia and features a canopy that shelters the rider from the weather. The canopy is detachable to allow the.... [More]

Production Models

Campagna T-Rex Covered Motorcycle Although the T-Rex looks like a race car, it is actually registered as a motorcycle. These speedy covered motorcycles come out of Quebec, Canada and.... [More]

Melissa McCarthy Rides Covered Scooter in Spy Movie

Everyone’s favorite female comedian lead Melissa McCarthy stars a new movie called Spy. In one clip from the trailer she gives chase to an adversary riding a bright green BMW covered scooter......[More]